Q1: Is TRAMA a voluntary organization?
A1: Yes, it is.

Q2: Is TRAMA a registered body?
: It is a registered body registered as a charitable body in Kottayam. It is a non-religious non-partisan body and is considered a nodal body for management related matters.

Q3: Why is it Called TRAMA?
A3: TRAMA is an acronym for Travancore Management Association. Travancore was the most prosperous region of Kerala and still continues to have a clout. The organization therefore adapted a traditional name.  Moreover, it avoided a confusion with KMA which is an acronym for Kerala Management Association catering for Ernakulam district.

Q4: Who can join TRAMA?
A4: Any practicing manager, or with or without an M.B.A can join TRAMA. Some restrictions related to experience exists. Corporate and students  can also be members.