About Travancore Management Association - Trama
Travancore Management Association abbreviated as TRAMA is a body of large enterprises, professional managers, and entrepreneurs particularly small and medium ones, innovative micro-entrepreneurs, plantation and hospitality managers, and management students intended to narrow the knowledge asymmetry. In short, it is an umbrella body for knowledge creation and dissemination intended to reduce knowledge asymmetry in Kottayam and Idukki districts.

India is growing at a fast pace. Those who have visited the various cities both large and small know the rate of change. However, a country like India which has an agrarian texture cannot be truly a developed nation unless its rural areas become prosperous. Prosperity can proliferate only through micro cities and townships acting as landing and take off points of Innovation and intellectual property. In fact, it is the knowledge asymmetry that causes all divides, whether economic, social, cultural, religious or whatever else. With knowledge, even a remote area can be prosperous and we in the TRAMA not only believe in this universal truth but are also willing to take bold steps, however difficult it be to mitigate this asymmetry. That is the true rationale for the existence of TRAMA.

We intend to become not just a forum; but a fulcrum of change by being an 'exchange' where the tacit knowledge embedded in the experience of the older generation is freely shared with the innovative spirit of the young Indian. We intend to nurture the indomitable innovative spirit of our micro enterprises as also the small and medium enterprises who often find it difficult to access quality management knowledge and techniques and would seamlessly extend that spirit to the make a mark in improving the employable skills of the ambitious youth of the area.

As TRAMA moves forward with this diffusion of knowledge, true prosperity would come to the people and areas where it is needed the most to make 'India of our dreams'.